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JAPANAMERICA @ SUPER-DELUXE IN NISHI-AZABU: 6pm start; free of charge –

B1F 3.1.25 Nishi Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0031, Japan
T: 03.5412.0515 | F: 03.5412.0516

Come celebrate the Japanese launch of Japanamerica!
Drink, dance and delight in Japan's cutting-edge creativity.

Please join us in welcoming artists, writers, producers, publishers and partiers from around the world in celebrating the Japanese launch of Japanamerica--the book called:

"a comprehensive study of how Japanese pop culture enchanted the West" (Wired)

"a broad primer, and practically a prospectus" (The Village Voice)

"entertaining and enlightening" (the Guardian)

"precious" (the Japan Times)

"the book I have been waiting for" (Pete Townshend of The Who)

Artwork will be displayed, selected anime clips will be shown,
and authors Roland Kelts and Leo Lewis will sign both English
and Japanese editions of the book. Special surprises TBA.

Japanamerica Official Home Page:

Contemporary Japanese pop culture such as anime and manga (Japanese
animation and comic books) is Asia's equivalent of the Harry Potter
phenomenon--an overseas export that has taken America by storm. While
Hollywood struggles to fill seats, Japanese anime releases are increasingly
outpacing American movies in number and, more importantly, in the devotion
they inspire in their fans. But just as Harry Potter is both "universal" and
very English, anime is also deeply Japanese, making its popularity in the
United States totally unexpected.

Japanamerica is the first book that directly addresses the American
experience with the Japanese pop phenomenon, covering everything from Hayao
Miyazaki's epics, the burgeoning world of hentai, or violent pornographic
anime, and Puffy Amiyumi, whose exploits are broadcast daily on the Cartoon
Network, to literary novelist Haruki Murakami, and more. With insights from
the artists, critics, readers and fans from both nations, this book is as
literate as it is hip, highlighting the shared conflicts as American and
Japanese pop cultures dramatically collide in the here and now.


Study Questions

Ashes and Snow Exhibition

Please record your observations and comments in your blog.

Please consider the following questions and reflect on them in your blogs.

  1. What are some of the themes that the artist attempts to represent in his works? Some examples might include our relationship with nature, our overcoming nature’s boundaries and our place in the animal kingdom.
  2. Is the artist attempting to document the interactions between humans and animals? If so, would you consider these documentations similar to a snapshot, or does the artist attempt to romanticize the relationships? What is the end result?
  3. What are some of the ideological references implicit in the art, such as race, class, settings, etc.?
  4. How do you think the formal stylistic techniques help convey the art’s meaning? Is it ever confusing? If so, how?
  5. Please cite any references in the exhibition of work you have seen before. Does any of this look familiar?


Thanks, Ron and Irene

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